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Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of Christian Education

School Mission Statement

The mission of Grace Christian Academy is to provide academic excellence within a caring, Christian environment, developing tomorrow’s leaders with a distinctly biblical worldview.

Christian Education at Grace Christian Academy

At Grace Christian Academy, we believe God has called us to partake in the development and maturation of the body of Christ through our students, their families, our faculty, and our community. As a body, we seek to partner on every level with our community to build and operate a functional Christian educational program that has at its core the declaration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the mission to impact effectively, dutifully, and completely that community for the Gospel.

It is the responsibility of Grace Christian Academy and its affiliates to equip students to discover, develop, and utilize the gifts and abilities that God has instilled within them to His glory and to the personal and collective benefit of themselves and their society, respectively. It is our belief that we are all created in the image of God, and that our students, being also created in this image, should be ministered to, instructed, and fostered by mature Christian leaders who are academically proficient and competent, professional, and actively serving and dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As set forth, our educational program should foster and guide each student individually to discover and discern God’s purpose for their life and to equip them in fulfilling that purpose. It is, therefore, the responsibility of Grace Christian Academy to provide an accelerated curriculum based on biblical standards and absolute truths that lead to a distinctly biblical worldview among its students. We believe that learning is a lifelong process and that, as such, instruction should be ongoing, academically sequenced from one level to another, enabling students to read, write, and articulate themselves, utilizing every facet of the language arts with confidence and fluency. The curriculum should assist students in developing problem-solving skills and use mathematical operations and concepts with accuracy that indicates mastery of their level. It should foster the development of critical thinking and logical conclusions through the wisdom of God’s Word and absolute truths. It should lead them to understand social studies of history and governmental processes as evidences of man’s fallen nature and desperate need for Christ, as well as evidences of God’s work among humanity to reconcile all things to Himself from their subjugation to futility. It should lead them to understand science as physical evidences of an intelligent, divine Creator who has purposed all things within His divine plan. Finally, above all else, it should lead them to imitate the mind, heart, and person of Jesus Christ concerning themselves and others. It should push them to exhibit the fruit of a God honoring life that is actively seeking after the truth of God. It is also our belief that, as an institution of learning in the United States of America, the curriculum should include the teaching of patriotism, citizenship, and service to one’s country.

Thus, it is the responsibility of Grace Christian Academy and its affiliates to provide a curriculum and learning environment that, through excellence and Christian biblical standard, effectively fosters the development of academic, vocational, creative, social, physical and technological skills which lead to respect and an insatiable desire and deep respect for God’s Word, and from that, an equally insatiable desire for true knowledge and wisdom. Above all else, it is the responsibility of Grace Christian Academy and its affiliates to aid in the development of disciples that are ready to undertake the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, to do justice and be mercy, following humbly after their God, and are prepared to give answer for the hope that is in them.

Church Vision Statement

Grace Christian is dedicated to the vision of the church, “To make a God-pleasing difference in people’s lives by boldly preaching, teaching and sharing the Good News and by establishing loving, caring and serving relationships through our maturing faith.”