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Admissions Process and Application for Enrollment

Beginning the Admissions Process

To begin the process of admission to Grace Christian Academy, parents of prospective students must complete an Application for Registration, which may be obtained in the school office or by visiting the school website. To initiate the admission process, a completed Application for Registration must be submitted along with a non-refundable $100 registration fee, for each student, to the school office. Once your application has been received and processed, the student’s admission will be based on the following criteria:

  • A passing grade on a leveled entrance exam for students applying for entrance to grades 2nd-12th. *For admittance to Kindergarten, children will be given a Brigance assessment to ensure readiness for school, and must turn five (5) years old on or before August 31, no exceptions.*
  • Review of all application materials by Admissions Team to determine if we are willing and capable to meet the needs of the student.
  • If all review criteria are met, a family interview with administration will be scheduled. This interview is merely designed to establish a relationship with your family, to learn more about what to expect at Grace Christian Academy, and to allow for any additional questions you may have. *Secondary School students must attend the family interview, no exceptions.*

Our admission process is designed in such a way that we may get to know your student, assessing their strengths and weakness, and that we may assess whether Grace is the best fit for your student. It is our desire that your student have the best opportunity and educational environment, as is our desire for all of our students. It is because of this desire to do the best by our potential students as well as our current students that our admissions process is so rigorous. We desire for your family to feel connected with Grace Christian Academy as early as possible. If you have any questions during the admission process please feel free to contact the school office.

Once admission to Grace Christian Academy has been granted to the student, the family will be notified by telephone and email. An enrollment package will be mailed to your home with all necessary information concerning enrollment. Parents will be expected to pay all fee schedules upon admittance. *See Financial Information sheet in enrollment package for a complete list of tuition and fees for your student’s academic year.*

Grace Christian Academy welcomes year round submissions of applications as classroom space is available. The admissions process usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks to complete, and summer applicants should allow additional time for records to be received from the previous school. We encourage families to begin the application process by mid-July to ensure that their student’s enrollment will be finalized by the first day of school.

Grace Christian Academy reserves the right to reconsider the application of any student during their first sixty (60) days of attendance. All new students admitted to the Secondary School will be placed on probation for the entire first semester. This probationary period ensures that the new student is compatible with the mission and academic standards of Grace Christian Academy, and is conditional based on the Student Conduct Agreement, academic performance, etc. This probationary period extends to the family, and is conditional based on the Parental Acknowledgement and Agreement of Cooperation.

Class sizes are relatively small at Grace Christian Academy and we try our best to maintain a ratio of one teacher to no more than eighteen (18) students. If your student’s class is already full, it will be at the sole discretion of the board to add additional spaces to the class or to add another class section.

All returning currently enrolled students at Grace Christian Academy must re-enroll and are guaranteed placement provided they remain in good standing with respect to conduct, academic performance, and financial obligations. Returning students must submit a Re-enrollment Form and will be assessed an annual, non-refundable, registration fee of $100. Parents may apply for re-enrollment only if financial accounts are current with the school. Registration for current students and student siblings opens on February 1. Open enrollment for all others begins on March 1. All new processed applications will be wait listed until March 1, when classroom availability opens.

Application for Registration

Below you will find a link for a PDF of our Application for Enrollment. You may print the application at home and bring the completed form to the school office, or you may stop by the office for a printed copy to be returned upon completion. You may fax or email your student’s Application for Registration using the contact information listed on our contact page.

Application for Enrollment 2017-18